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Did you mean: Ochone or och-a-nee-o?
och! - from 'The Hamely Tongue: A Personal Record of Ulster-Scots in County Antrim'
... . expressing regret, pain, annoyance, etc. och! och!; och-a-nee!; och-a-nee-o! (expressing regret, lamentation). och ay! ...
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A Glossary of Words and Phrases used in Antrim and Down compiled by William Hugh Patterson, 1880
... Wee oberins,' means trifling work. Obledgement, sb. a kindness. Och-a-nee! int. an expression of weariness or sorrow. Odd or even, ...
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A full, historical and two-way dictionary of Ulster-Scots
... Tongue)] alarm verb, noun: scar, alairm alas! interjection: och-a-nee! man dear! boys-a-dear! (hist.) waesucks! [1 ...
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