Luik 13 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


Turn awa frae yer wrangdaein

1At that parteeklar time, Jesus wus toul that Pilate haed kïllt sum fowk frae Galilee while the' wur offerin secryfices ïn tha Hoose o tha Loard. 2He sayed tae thaim,

“Dae ye jalouse tha yins that suffert like thïs haed daen mair wrang nor aa tha ither Galileeans? 3Na, A tell ye thïs, ïf yis dïnnae repent, tha hale lock o yis'll perish as weel. 4Or whut aboot tha echteen that deed ïn Siloam whaniver tha ture cum doon on tap o thaim? Dae ye jalouse that thair wrangdaeins wus waur nor aa tha ither yins ïn Jerusalem? 5Na, A tell ye thïs, ïf yis dïnnae repent, tha hale lock o ye wull perish forbye.”

Tha fïg tree wi nae fruit

6Then Jesus toul thaim a parable.

“Thair wus thïs man haed a fïg tree plantit ïn hïs vineyaird. Yin day, he cum tae ït tae see ïf thair wus onie fruit on ït, but he fun nane. 7Sae he sayed tae tha gairdner, ‘Luk here, thïs thrie yeir A hae cum lukin for fïgs on thïs tree, an thair's nane on ït! Cut ït doon! It's a waste o guid grun.’ 8Tha gairdner sayed, ‘Lea ït alane, sir, gie ït anither yeir. A'll dïg roon ït an gie ït a guid dressin o dung. 9If thair's onie fïgs on ït nixt yeir, weel an guid, an ïf no, we'll cut ït doon for ye.’”

Jesus heals on tha Sabbath day

10Noo, yin Sabbath day, whan Jesus wus taichin ïn yin o tha Meetin Hooses, 11thair wus a wumman that haed bin bad for echteen yeir acause o an ïll spïrit. She wus bent dooble an cudnae stan up strecht ava. 12Whan Jesus saa hir, he caad hir an sayed tae hir,

“Wumman, ye'r redd o yer seekness, an ye'r noo free!”

13An he püt hïs hans on hir, an she stud up hir fu heicht, an gien praise tae God. 14But tha heidyin o tha Meetin Hoose wus ang'rie, acause Jesus haed healt tha wumman on tha Sabbath day, an he sayed tae tha fowk,

“Ye hae sïx days tae dae aa yer wark. Cum tae be healt on yin o thaim days an no on tha Sabbath!”

15An thïs ïs hoo tha Loard answert hïm.

“Yis oul hippycrits! Shair, dae yis no lowse yer kye an yer cuddies frae tha staal on tha Sabbath, an tak thaim oot tae wattèr thaim? 16Wus ït no richt that on tha Sabbath A shud set free thïs wumman o tha femlie o Abraham, that haes bin hel ïn bondage bi Satan thïs echteen yeir?”

17Thïs püt hïs enemies tae shame, tha hale lock o thaim; an aa tha fowk wus hairt-gled at aa tha wunnèrfu thïngs he daen.

Tha wee mustèrt seed

18Then Jesus sayed,

“For whut like ïs tha Kïngdom o God? Wha shud A compare ït wi? 19It ïs like a wee mustèrt seed at summodie tuk an plantit ïn hïs gairden an ït growed ïntae a tree, an tha wee burds cum an tuk sheltèr amang ïts brenches.”

Tha parable o tha yeast

20An he sayed agane,

“For whut like ïs tha Kïngdom o God? Whut shud A compare ït wi? 21It's like a wee taste o yeast that a wumman pits ïn a bïg boul o flure. An ït spreids aa throu ït, tae tha hale lock ïs ris.”

Tha nerra dure

22An he gaed throu tha toons an villages, taichin as he went, aye heidin on nixt Jerusalem. 23An summodie axt hïm,

“Wull thair jist be a wheen o fowk saved, Loard?”

An he sayed tae thaim aa,

24“Dae aa ye can tae get ïn bi tha nerra dure. For monie a yin wull try an get ïn, an no be fït tae. 25For yinst tha Heid o tha Hoose haes got up an lockt tha dorr, ye'll be stannin ootside rappin an caain oot, ‘Loard, wull ye no apen tha dorr tae iz?’ An he'll cum bak wi, ‘A'm tellin ye, A know naethin aboot ye, or whar yis cum frae!’ 26Then ye'll say, ‘But we et an drunk alang wi ye, an ye lairnt iz doon oor loanins.’ 27But he'll cum bak wi, ‘A tell ye, A dïnnae know a thïng aboot ye, or whar ye cum frae. Ye rapscallions yis! Git oot o ma sicht, tha hale lock o yis!’

28Thair'll be wailin an scringin o teeth whan ye see Abraham an Isaac an Jacob an aa tha proafits ïn tha Kïngdom o God, an youse aa shut oot. 29An fowk wull cum frae aa airts an tak thair place ïn tha Kïngdom o God. 30But tak heed, thair's yins that's last that'll be furst, an thair's ither yins that's furst that'll be last.”

Jesus ïs hairt sair ower Jerusalem

31Jist then sum Pharisees cum up an sayed tae hïm,

“Get oot o here ïf ye want tae leeve, for Herod haes ït ïn mine tae kïll ye!”

32“Gang tell thon sleekit oul fox,”

sayed Jesus tae thaim,

“that ‘A'll be keepin on castin oot ïll spïrits an healin tha seek theday an themorra. An tha day eftèr that A'll hae daen whut A wus sent tae dae.’ 33Nanethaless, theday, themorra an tha nixt day, A maun gang on ma róad, for ït wudnae dae for a proafit o God tae dee ootside o Jerusalem. 34O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, ye kïll tha proafits an stane thaim that's sent tae ye! Monies tha time A wantit tae gether yer weans thegither, as a hen gethers hir lachter o wee burds unnèr hir wïngs, but yis wudnae let me! 35Luk see, yis ir on yer ain noo.

A tell yis, yis'll no see me agane afore yis say, ‘Blissit ïs tha yin at cums ïn tha name o tha Loard’ !”


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