Luik 17 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


Tha wye tae forgie an hoo tae hae faith

1Yin day Jesus sayed tae hïs follaers,

“Thair'll aye be temptation tae dae wrang, but dear halp tha yin that daes tha tempin! 2It wud be far bettèr for hïm ïf a mïll-stane wus hung roon hïs neck an he wus drapt ïntae tha sea, rether nor hïm leadin yin o these puir wee craiters asthray. 3Lïsten here, ïf summodie daes ocht agin ye, tell hïm he shudnae hae daen ït, an ïf he says he's sorrie, then forgie hïm. 4An ïf he keeps on daein ye wrang seiven times a day an ïs sorrie iverie time, then ye maun stïll forgie hïm.”

5An tha possels sayed tae tha Loard,

“Show iz hoo we can hae mair faith.”

6An tha Loard sayed,

“If yis haed faith as wee as a mustèrt seed, yis cud say tae thïs mulberry tree: ‘Cum oot bi tha ruit an plant yersel ïn tha sea’, an richt awa ït'll dae whut ït's toul.

7-8Whaniver yer sarvin man cums ïn frae tha plooin an mindin tha beese, ye wudnae say tae hïm, ‘Sït yersel doon quïck an hae a bite tae eat.’ Rether ye wud tell hïm tae clain hïssel up an sarve you furst, an then tak hïs ain eftèr.

9A doot ye wudnae say, ‘Thenks’, tae yer ain man for daein whut he's payed tae dae! 10In tha same wye, whan ye dae ma bïddin, ye shud say: ‘We'r naethin oot o tha ordinarie! For we hae daen nae mair nor we haed tae.’ ”

Ten lepers cured

11An sae Jesus went on tae Jerusalem, follaein tha mairch atween Samaria an Galilee. 12-13As he went ïntae yin o tha vïllages, he saa ten men that wur lepers stannin a wyes aff, an the' caad oot tae hïm:

“Jesus, Maistèr, tak peetie on iz!”

14An whaniver he saa thaim, he sayed,

“Awa tae tha preeshts an let thaim luk at ye.”

An lo an behol, as the' went thair wye, the' wur healt! 15-16An yin o thaim, whan he saen he wus cured, turnt bak an cryed oot at tha tap o hïs voice,

“Praise God!”

Then he faad doon at Jesus' feet an gien thenks. An tha man wus a Samaritan, sae he wus.

17-18“Dïd A no cure ten men?”

axt Jesus.

“Whar's tha ither nine? Hae nane o thaim cum bak tae gie thenks tae God apairt frae thïs foreigner?”

19Jesus sayed tae tha man,

“Rise up an gang yer wye, yer faith haes made ye weel.”

Tha cumin o God's Kïngdom

20-21Yin time whan tha Pharisees axt Jesus whan God's Kïngdom wud cum, he toul thaim,

“Yis cannae say, ‘Here ït's!’ or ‘Thair ït's!’ Tha Kïngdom o God ïs aareadie here wi yis, sae thair's nae use lukin for ït cumin!”

22An he sayed tae hïs follaers,

“Tha day wull cum whan yis'll want tae see tha Sinn o Man. Yis'll luk for me an A'll no be here. 23Fowk micht say, ‘He's here or he's thair’, but tak nae notys, an dïnnae rin eftèr thaim. 24Jist as tha lichtnin fleshes ower tha lift, sae tha Sinn o Man wull cum bak jist as quïck ïn aa hïs glorie. 25But afore that, He'll hae tae suffer sair, an tha fowk aroon hïm noo wull turn agin hïm. 26Whan tha Sinn o Man cums, tha times wull be jist lake the' wur ïn tha days o Noah. 27For fowk wus eatin, drinkin an gettin merriet, up tae tha verie day Noah went ïntae tha airk, then tha wattèr floodit an aa wur droont. 28It wull be tha same as ït wus ïn tha time o Lot; the' et an drank an cairriet on wi thair bïzness o buyin, sellin, fairmin an biggin. 29But tha verie day that Lot went oot o Sodom, fire an brimstane cum doon frae haiven an the' wur aa kïllt. 30Tha same wull happen tha day yis see tha Sinn o Man cum bak. 31On that day, dïnnae lea tha ruiftap tae gae doon for oniethin, an dïnnae lea tha fiel tae gae bak tae tha hoose. 32Mine whut happent tae Lot's guidwife! 33Whaiver houls on tae hïs life wull loass ït, an whaiver gies up hïs life wull aye hae ït. 34A'm tellin yis, ïn that nicht, twa fowk wull be ïn tha yin bed, yin wull be tuk an tha ither left behin; 35Twa weemen wull be grindin meal thegither, yin wull be tuk an tha ither left behin; [ 36Twa men wull be ïn tha fiel, tha yin wull be tuk an tha ither left behin.”]

37An hïs follaers axt hïm,

“Whar wull thïs tak place?”

An Jesus toul thaim,

“Whar ye see a crood o vultèrs, ye know thair's a deid bodie. Ay, sae whaniver ye see tha signs A'm taakin aboot, then ye'll know weel eneuch!”


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