Luik 19 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009



1An Jesus cum tae tha toon o Jericho, an wus trevelin throu ït. 2Noo, thair wus thïs man caad Zacchaeus, that wus a heid tex man, an he wus quare an weel-aff. 3An he wus wantin tae see for hïssel whut Jesus wus lake, but he wus a wee man, an he cudnae get near Jesus for tha crood. 4Sae he run awa on aheid, an shïnned up a sycomore fïg tree alang tha wye, tae hae a guid luk at Jesus whan he wus gan bye. 5An whan Jesus cum tae tha tree, he lukt up an sayed til hïm:

“Zacchaeus, git doon or that richt noo! For A'm gan tae yer hoose tha day!”

6Sae Zacchaeus lep doon oot o tha tree, an tuk hïm hame an gien hïm a wile guid walcum. 7Aa tha fowk saen thïs, an stairtit tae pass remarks, sayin,

“He's stappin ower wi a wrangdaer!”

8Oniehoo, Zacchaeus stud up an toul Jesus:

“A tell ye whut, Loard. A'll gie tha half o whut A hae tae thaim as haes need o ït. An ïf A hae got oniethin bi chaitin, A'll pye ït bak fower times ower.”

9An Jesus sayed,

“Salvation haes cum tae thïs hoose tha day, for thïs man ïs a sinn o Abraham as weel! 10A masel, tha Sinn o Man, hae cum tae luk for thaim at's loast, an tae save thaim.”

Uise weel whut ye ir gien!

11An tha hale crood tuk tent o whut Jesus wus sayin. An as Jerusalem wus nearhan, he stairtit tae tell thaim a parable, for fowk thocht that tha Kïngdom o God wus gan tae cum aboot at yinst. 12He toul thaim thïs:

“A weel boarn man went awa tae a far aff lan. He wus tae hae hïssel crooned kïng, an then he wus tae cum bak agane. 13Afore he went but, he caad ten o hïs sarvin men, an gien each o thaim yin goold coing, an he sayed tae thaim: ‘Tak thïs catter an mak tha maist o ït, tae A cum bak.’ 14But he wusnae weel thocht o amang hïs ain fowk, an sae the' sent oot wurd eftèr he went awa, sayin, ‘We dïnnae want thïs man tae rule ower iz.’ 15But he got tae be kïng aa tha same, an he cum bak hame. Then he ordèrt tha sarvin men tae gie an accoont o hoo the' haed daen wi tha catter he haed gien thaim. 16Tha furst yin toul hïm: ‘Loard, yer coin haes made ten mair.’ 17 ‘Weel daen!’ sayed tha kïng. ‘Ye ir a guid sarvint. Ye've showed A can trust ye ïn wee thïngs. A'll gie ye ten cïties tae rin!’ 18An tha saicont yin cum an sayed, ‘Loard, yer coin haes made five coins.’ 19An tha kïng sayed, ‘A'll gie ye five cïties tae rin.’ 20Wi that, anither yin cum up an sayed, ‘Luk, Loard, here's yer coin. A hae kep ït lapt up ïn a cloot. 21A wus afeart o ye, for ye ir a haird man tae dail wi. Ye tak whut disnae belang tae ye, ye hairvest whut ye hinnae plantit.’ 22Tha kïng cum bak wi: ‘Ye uisless guid-for-naethin! Frae yer ain mooth ye hae condemned yersel. Sae ye thocht A wus a haird man, dïd ye, takkin whut dïdnae belang tae me, an hairvestin whut A haednae plantit? 23Weel, ye cud hae püt ma siller ïntae tha bank; hoo cum ye dïdnae? Then whan A cum bak, ït cudda made a wee bït o ïntrèst!’ 24Wi that, tha kïng toul thaim that wur stannin roon aboot: ‘Tak hïs coin frae hïm, an gie ït tae hïm that haes tha ten.’ 25But the' sayed tae hïm: ‘Loard, shair he haes ten coin!’ 26Sayed tha kïng: ‘A'll tell ye thïs, tae iverie yin that haes, mair wull be gien; an frae thaim that haes naethin, even that wull be taen awa! 27But as for thaim as wur agin me an wudnae hae me for kïng, brïng thaim here tae me, an kïll thaim forenent me!’”

On tha Jerusalem róad

28Eftèr tellin thaim aa thïs, Jesus went on aheid alang tha róad up tae Jerusalem. 29An whan he wus cum near til Bethphage an Bethanie, nixt tha hïll caad tha Moont o Olives, he sent on twa o hïs follaers, 30sayin tae thaim:

“Awa ïntae thon clachan forenent iz. Whan yis git thair, ye'll fin a cowlt tied up, that haesnae iver bin rid. Lowse ïts raip, an brïng ït til me. 31If onie yin axes yis hoo cum yis ir lowsin tha cowlt, jist tell thaim: ‘Tha Loard haes want o ït!’ ”

32Noo tha twa that went fun ït jist as the' haed bin toul. 33An as the' wur lowsin tha cowlt, tha yins tae wha ït belanged axt thaim:

“Hoo cum yis ir lowsin tha cowlt?”

34Sayed tha twa:

“Tha Loard haes want o ït!”

35An the' brocht ït tae Jesus. An pittin thair claes on tha cowlt's bak, the' tuk houl o ït tae he got on. 36Wi that, as Jesus made hïs wye alang, tha fowk spread thair claes doon afore hïm on tha pad. 37An whan he wus cumin nearhan tae tha pad doon frae tha Moont o Olives, hïs follaers stairtit shoutin oot wi joy, tha hale lock o thaim, praisin God for aa tha miracles the' haed saen, an cryin oot:

38“Blissit ïs tha kïng that cums ïn tha name o tha Loard. Peace ïn Haiven abain, an glorie ïn tha maist heich!”

39An sum o tha Pharisees amang tha thrang sayed tae Jesus,

“Maistèr, scoul yer follaers an tell thaim tae quït ït!”

40But he cum bak wi thïs:

“A'm tellin yis, ïf they ir quait, een tha stanes thairsels wull cry oot!”

41Jesus wus cumin near tae Jerusalem noo, an whan he saa tha cïtie, he begun tae greet, an he sayed,

42“Och, ïf ye onlie haed o knowed whut wud brïng ye peace tha day! But na, ye dïdnae, an noo ït's hïd frae yer een. 43For tha time wull cum whan thaim that's agin ye wull big dykes aa roon ye, an fence ye ïn frae aa sides. 44Ye'll be flettent ïntae tha grun, an aa yer fowk alang wi ye. The'll no lea yin stane on anither, for ye dïdnae ken tha day that God cum tae ye.”

Reddin oot tha Hoose o God

45An yinst he got tae Jerusalem, whut Jesus daen wus thïs: he went ïntae tha Hoose o God, an stairtit tae redd oot tha dailers frae tha coortyaird, 46sayin tae thaim:

“It ïs writ doon (ïn tha Scriptures), ‘Ma hoose wull be a hoose o prayer.’ But youse hae turnt ït ïntae a den o robbers!”

47An eftèr that, iverie day, Jesus stairtit lairnin tha fowk ïn tha Hoose o God. An tha heid preeshts, tha maistèrs o tha Laa, an tha heidyins amang tha fowk wus oot tae get rïd o hïm, 48but the' cud dae naethin aboot ït, for he wusnae iver on hïs ain; an aa tha fowk hung on hïs iverie wurd.


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