Luik 21 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


Tha weeda wumman's offerin

1Jesus lukt up an saa tha weel-aff fowk pittin thair offerins ïntae tha kïst ïn tha Hoose o God. 2Then he saen thïs puir weeda wumman drappin ïn twa pennies.

3“A'm tellin yis tha truith,” qo he, “Thïs puir weeda haes gien mair nor onie o tha rest o thaim.

4Aa these yins hae onlie gien a pïttance oot o thair pruch, but thïs weeda, puir an aa as she ïs, haes gien aa she haed tae leeve on.”

Jesus taaks aboot whut's tae cum

5Sum o thaimins that wur wi hïm wur taakin amang thairsels aboot tha wye tha Hoose o God wus aa daen up, wi ïts bricht bonnie stanes, an coastlie ornyments gien ïn bi fowk. 6But Jesus sayed,

“Tha day wull cum whan aa these stanes wull be tummelt doon, an no yin stane wull be left abain tha ither.”

7An the' axt hïm,

“Maistèr, whan's aa thïs fer happenin then? An wull we hae onie sign o ït cumin?”

8Jesus cum bak wi thïs:

“Tak heed an dïnnae let oniebodie lead yis aglee, for monies a yin wull cum ïn ma name sayin, ‘A be tha Christ’, or ‘Tha time ïs cum.’ Dïnnae pye thaim onie heed. 9Whan yis hear tell o wars an fechtin, dïnnae be feart, for thïs maun cum aboot furst, but tha en ïs no near jist yit.”

10Then he sayed tae thaim,

“Fowk wull mak war on ither fowk, an kïngdom agin kïngdom. 11Thair wull be michtie irthquakes, dairths an plagues ïn dïffrent pairts, an fleysum sichts, an pooerfu signs frae haiven.

12Hooaniver, afore aa thïs cums aboot, the'll be takkin houl o yis, persecutin yis an turnin yis ïn at tha Meetin Hooses. The'll clod yis ïntae jail an dreg yis up afore kïngs an heidyins, jist for bein ma follaers. 13Thïs'll be yer chaunce tae wutness tae yin an aa. 14Sae pit yer mine tae ït then, an dïnnae fash yersels aforehan aboot whut kine o answer yis ir gan tae gie. 15For A wull pit tha richt wurds ïn yer mooth, an gie yis tha wut tae uise thaim, sae nane o yer enemies wull be able tae stan up tae yis, or say a wurd agin yis. 16Yis'll even be gien up bi thaim that ïs closest tae yis, yer mither an faither, yer brithers, yer freens an nighbers. An sum o yis wull be kïllt. 17An yis'll be hatit bi aa fowk acause o me. 18But no een yin hair o yer heid wull cum tae onie hairm. 19Dïnnae gie up, thole aa that cums at ye, an yis'll fin rael life.

Jerusalem desthroyed

20Noo whan yis see tha airmies gethert aa roon Jerusalem, then yis wull ken that tha time for ït tae be tummelt doon ïs nearhan. 21Then thaim at's ïn Judea maun tak tae tha hïlls, an thaim at's ïn Jerusalem maun flee oot o ït, an thaim at's ootside tha cïtie shudnae try tae get ïn. 22For that'll be tha day o God's punishment, an whut wus foretoul bi tha proafits maun cum aboot.

23It wull be despert ïn thaim days for weemen at ir gan tae hae babbies, an for mithers wi weans at tha breesht. Thair'll be a wile bad time o sufferin aa ower tha lan, an God's ang'r wull be agin thïs fowk. 24Sum o thaim wull be kïllt bi tha sword; ithers'll be tuk awa an skailt amang aa tha nations o tha warl. An Jerusalem wull be thrampt doon bi haithen feet, tae tha time o tha Gentiles cums tae an en.

Tha cumin o tha Sinn o Man

25Thair'll be quare signs ïn tha sin an tha muin an tha stars. An doon here on tha irth, tha fowk o aa tha nations wull be hairt scarred an at thair wüt's en wi tha souch o tha roarin sea an tha waves. 26Fowk'll be that feart, the'll be takkin dwams acause o whut the' see cumin on tha warl. For tha verie stars o haiven wull be shuk oot o kïlter. 27An then aabodie wull see tha Sinn o Man cumin ïn a clood wi aa hïs pooer an muckle glorie. 28Whaniver aa these thïngs stairts tae cum aboot, stan up strecht, lïft up yer heids, for yis'll shuin be delïvert oot o hairm's wye.”

29An he toul thaim thïs parable:

“Tak a luk at tha fïg or onie ither tree. 30Whan tha leafs cum oot, yis ken wi'oot bein toul, tha simmer's no far aff. 31Sae, whan yis see aa these thïngs happenin, yis can be shair tha Kïngdom o God ïs nearhan.

32A tell yis tha truith, thair's fowks leevin noo that'll no dee, tae aa these thïngs cum aboot. 33Haiven an irth wull pass awa, but ma wurds wull last for aye.

34Tak care ye ir no bluthert, or yer heids turnt wi wile leevin. An dïnnae fash yersels aboot tha worries o thïs life. Dïnnae alloo that day tae faa on yis o a suddent, like a thrap. 35For thon day wull cum on iveriebodie leevin ïn tha hale warl. 36Sae aye keep an ee oot then, an pray yis micht be strang eneuch tae stan afore tha Sinn o Man, an be spared aa these thïngs that ir gan tae happen.”

37Iverie day, Jesus went tae tha Hoose o God tae taich tha fowk, but he spent iverie nicht on tha Moont o Olives. 38An aa tha fowk cum at tha furst licht tae lïsten tae hïm ïn tha Hoose o God.


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