Luik 23 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


Jesus brocht afore Pilate

1Then tha Cooncil, tha hale lock o thaim, tuk Jesus an brocht hïm up tae Pilate. 2An the' stairtit tae brïng chairges agin hïm, an sayed,

“We fun thïs man leadin tha fowk asthray, tellin thaim no tae pye onie tex tae Caesar, makin hïssel oot tae be Christ tha Messiah, an a kïng!”

3Pilate axt Jesus:

“Ir ye tha Kïng o tha Jews?”

An Jesus sayed bak tae hïm:

“You hae sayed ït.”

4Then Pilate sayed tae tha heid preeshts an tha thrang o fowk:

“A cannae fin oniethin agin thïs man!”

5But the' kep on at Pilate, sayin,

“Thïs man ïs stïrrin up naethïn but boather, wi tha thïngs he's bin lairnin tha fowk tha lenth an breadth o tha lan, frae Galilee richt doon tae here.”

Jesus afore Herod

6Whan Pilate heerd thïs, he axt:

“Ach, daes he cum frae Galilee then?”

7An as shuin as he fun oot that Jesus cum unnèr Herod's thortie, he sent hïm up tae hïm, for Herod happent tae be ïn Jerusalem hïssel at tha time. 8Noo whan Herod saa Jesus, he wus hairt gled, for he haed heerd aa aboot hïm an haed bin langin tae see hïm. He haed hopt he micht see hïm daein sum miracle. 9Sae he axt Jesus a hale lock o questions, but Jesus niver sayed a wurd bak. 10An tha heid preeshts an tha maistèrs o tha Laa wus stannin aboot, hoochin an yellin thair accusations agin Jesus. 11Herod alang wi hïs sodgers jeert an made lïttle o hïm, rïggin hïm oot ïn a braw fancie goon. An the' sent hïm agane tae Pilate. 12That verie day Herod an Pilate becum guid freens: afore that thair wus nae love loast atween thaim.

Bak afore Pilate

13Sae Pilate caad thegither tha heid preeshts an ither releejus heidyins, alang wi aa tha ordinarie fowk. 14An he sayed tae thaim,

“Yis hae brocht thïs man afore me sayin that he wus stïrrin up fowk an casin boather. A hae examined hïm afore yis aa, an A hae fun naethin wrang ava, as far as whut yis say he haes daen. 15Na, Herod dïdnae ither, for he sent hïm bak tae iz. Lïsten tae me, thïs man haes daen naethin tae warrant bein püt tae deith. 16Sae A'll gie hïm a whalin tae lairn hïm a lesson, an let hïm gang!”

17[For he maun let yin wrangdaer gang at tha Feast.]

18Then tha hale crood o thaim yellt oot,

“Awa wi thïs man! Let Barabbas oot!”

19Noo Barabbas haed bin püt ïn jail for murdèr an riotin ïn Jerusalem. 20Pilate wantit tae let Jesus gang free, sae he spauk agane tae thaim aa. 21But the' kep on cryin oot,

“Crucyfie hïm! Crucyfie hïm!”

22Pilate sayed tae thaim a thurd time,

“Why, whut wrang haes he daen? A dïnnae fin oniethin tae pit hïm tae deith ower. A'll gie hïm a whalin an let hïm gang.”

23But tha hale thrang shoutit aa tha mair that Jesus shud be crucyfied. An tha crood an tha heid preeshts got thair ain wye. 24Sae Pilate gien ïn tae whut the' wantit; 25he daen as the' axt hïm, an let gang tha man that haed bin püt ïn jail for riot an murdèr. But Jesus he hannit ower tae thaim; the' cud dae whut the' wantit wi hïm.

Jesus taen awa

26As the' led Jesus awa, the' clappt hans on Simon o Cyrene, that wus on hïs wye ïn frae tha kintrie. The' püt tha cross on hïs shoother, an made hïm cairt ït behin Jesus. 27A hale crood o fowk wus follaein ahint hïm, an amang thaim a lock o weemen that wur batin thair breeshts an lamentin ower whut wus gan tae happen tae Jesus. 28But Jesus turnt roon tae thaim an sayed,

“Dochtèrs o Jerusalem, dïnnae greet for me, greet for yersels an yer weans! 29For luk, tha day's no far aff, whan the' wull be sayin, ‘Blissit ir tha weemen that's barren, an tha wames that niver bare weans, an tha breeshts that niver gie mïlk.’ 30In that day the' wull stairt sayin tae tha moontins: ‘Faa doon on iz!’ An tae tha hïlls, ‘Cover iz ower!’ 31Noo ïf the' wud dae that whaniver tha tree ïs ïn fu leaf an growin weel, whut wull the' dae whaniver tha trees ir wuthert?”i

Tha crucyfïxion

32Twa ithers as weel, that wur crïmnals, wur led oot tae be püt tae deith alang wi Jesus. 33An whan the' cum tae tha place caad “Calvarie”, the' crucyfied hïm thair, an tha twa crïmnals alang wi hïm, yin on tha richt han side, tha ither on tha left. 34[An Jesus sayed,

“Faither, forgie thaim, for the' dïnnae ken whut the'r daein.”]

An tha sodgers gemmelt for hïs claes, pairtin thaim amang thairsels. 35Aa tha while, tha fowk stud bye, lukin on. But tha heidyins o tha Jews giekt at hïm, sayin,

“He saved ithers. Let hïm save hïssel, ïf he's God's Messiah, tha chosen yin!”

36Tha sodgers jeert hïm tae, cumin up an offerin hïm sooer wine. 37An the' sayed tae hïm,

“If ye ir tha Kïng o tha Jews, save yersel!”

38An the' püt up a signboord abain hïm [an ït sayed ïn tha Greek, tha Latin an tha Hebrew]:

“Thïs ïs tha Kïng o tha Jews”

Tha twa crïmnals

39Noo yin o tha crïmnals hingin alangside o hïm yellt abuse at hïm:

“Ir ye no tha Messiah?”

he axt.

“Save yersel, an iz forbye!”

40But tha ither yin gien aff tae hïm, an axt hïm:

“Dae ye no fear God, seein as ye ir condemned tae dee as weel? 41We ir jist gittin whut we desarve for whut we hae daen. But thïs man haes daen naethin wrang ava!”

42An wi that he sayed,

“[Loard] Jesus, keep mine o me whan ye cum ïntae yer Kïngdom.”

43Sayed Jesus bak tae hïm:

“A tell ye tha truith, ye'll be wi me ïn paradise thïs verie day!”

Tha deith o Jesus

44Bi thïs time ït wus nuin, an dairkness faad ower tha hale lan tae thrie ïn tha eftèrnuin. 45Tha licht o tha sin wus blekt oot, an tha curtin hingin ïn tha Halie o Halies wus torn ïn twa. 46Then Jesus cryed oot wi a lood voice:

“Faither, A gie ma spïrit up ïntae your hans!”

An wi that, he gien hïs last breath. 47Noo whan tha yin ïn chairge o a hunnèr sodgers saen whut wus daen, he gien glorie tae God, an sayed,

“Thon wus yin guid man, for shair!”

48An aa tha fowk that cum tae see whut wus gan on, whan the' saa whut wus daen, the' bate thair breeshts ïn sorra an went awa. 49An aa Jesus' freens alang wi tha weemen that follaed hïm frae Galilee, stud awa bak takkin ït aa ïn.

Jesus buriet

50-51Noo thair wus a man caad Joseph, a cooncillor, a guid an dacent man, that haednae gane alang wi thair deceesion tae kïll Jesus. He wus frae Arimathea, a toon o tha Jews, an he wus bidin hïs time, waitin on tha Kïngdom o God tae cum. 52Joseph went tae Pilate an axt for tha bodie o Jesus. 53An he tuk ït doon frae tha cross, lapt ït ïn linen claith, an layed ït ïn a tomb cut oot o tha roak, whar naebodie haed bin layed afore. 54An ït wus late ïn tha day on Friday, tha day for gettin readie for tha Sabbath.

55Tha weemen that haed cum wi Jesus frae Galilee follaed eftèr, an the' tuk heed o tha tomb an hoo hïs bodie wus layed oot thair. 56The' went awa an made up spices an ointments, an then the' stapt thair wark for tha Sabbath day accordin tae tha comman o God.


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