Luik 9 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


Tha Twal sent oot

1Eftèr Jesus caad hïs twal follaers thegither, he gien thaim pooer ivver aa tha demons, an pooer tae cure aa kines o disaises. 2An he sent thaim oot tae praich tha Kïngdom o God an tae heal tha seek. 3An he toul thaim,

“Tak naethin wi ye for yer trevelin, nether stav tae studie ye, nor baag tae cairrie ocht ïn, nor breid, nor siller, an nae spare claes. 4Whan ye gang ïntae a hoose, stap ower thair tae ït's time tae tak yer lave o that toon. 5An whar ye'r no walcum, ye'r tae lea that toon, an shake aff een tha stour o yer feet, as a warnin tae thaim.”

6An aff the' went, gan frae vïllage tae vïllage, praichin tha Guid News an healin thair an thonner.

Herod ïn swuthers

7Noo whan Herod tha Tetrarch heerd aboot aa tha thïngs that Jesus wus daein, he wus fare fasht, acause sum fowk sayed that Jhone tha Baptiser haed ris frae tha deid. 8Sum thocht that yin o tha oul-time proafits haed cum bak tae life, an ithers thocht ït wus mebbe Elijah. 9But Herod sayed,

“A haed tha heid tuk aff Jhone. But wha's thon A'm hearin sitch thïngs aboot?”

An he wus ower enxious tae see Jesus.

Tha five thoosan weel fed

10An tha possels, whan the' cum bak, toul Jesus aboot aa tha thïngs the' haed daen, an he tuk thaim aff bi thair lane tae a [quait place near tha] toon caad Bethsaida.

11An tha fowk kent thïs an follaed hïm. An he bïd thaim walcum an taakit tae thaim o tha Kïngdom o God, an brocht healin tae thaim that haed need o ït. 12Noo at dailygan, tha Twal cum tae hïm an sayed,

“Sen aa tha croods o fowk awa, sae that the' can gang an fin lüdgins an a bite tae eat for thairsels ïn tha vïllages roon aboot. For we'r ïn a richt oot o tha wye place here.”

13But Jesus toul thaim,

“Youse gie thaim sumthin tae eat.”

An the' sayed,

“We hae naethin but five bannocks an twa fish. Or mebbe we shud try an buy sumthin for aa these fowk?!”

14Thair wur aboot five thoosan men. An Jesus sayed tae hïs follaers,

“Mak thaim aa sït doon ïn groups o aboot fiftie.”

15Sae the' bïd thaim aa sït doon. 16Then he tuk tha five bannocks an tha twa fish, an lukin up tae haiven he blisst ït an brauk ït, an kep giein ït tae hïs follaers tae han oot tae aa tha fowk.

17Eftèr the' haed aa et thair fïll, the' gethert up aa tha wee bïts, eneuch tae fïll twal baskets.

Petèr kens that Jesus ïs tha Messiah

18Yin day Jesus wus prayin alane, tha mair hïs follaers wus nearhan. An he axt thaim,

“Wha dae fowk say that A am?”

19The' sayed,

“Sum fowk say Jhone tha Baptiser, ithers say Elijah, an ithers agane say that yin o tha proafits frae lang syne haes cum bak tae life.”

20An he axt thaim,

“An wha dae youse say A am?”

Petèr spake up,

“Ye ir tha Christ o God.”

21An he bïd thaim no tae tell oniebodie. 22An he toul thaim,

“Tha Sinn o Man maun suffer a richt dail an be coul shoothert bi tha eldèrs, tha heich preeshts an tha maistèrs o tha Laa. An he maun be püt tae deith an be ris up on tha thurd day.”

23An he sayed tae thaim aa,

“If onie yin wants tae follae me, he ïs tae pit me afore aa else, een hïssel, an iverie day cairrie hïs cross an stïck clase tae me. 24For whaiver wants tae save hïs life wull loass ït, an whaiver loasses hïs life on accoont o me wull save ït. 25For thair's nae profit for a man tae hae tha hale warl an yit desthroy hïssel bodie an sowl. 26For ïf oniebodie ïs no wullin tae stan up for me an ma wurds, then tha Sinn o Man wull no stan up for hïm whan he cums ïn hïs glorie, an tha glorie o hïs Faither an tha halie angels tae. 27A'm tellin ye strecht, thair's yins stuid here theday that'll no dee afore the' see tha Kïngdom o God.”

Jesus transformed

28Yin day, aboot echt days eftèr he haed sayed these thïngs, he tuk Petèr, James an Jhone up tae a moontin tae pray. 29An whaniver he wus prayin, tha hale luk o hïm wus changed, an hïs claes wur glancin white turnt. 30An, luk see, thair wus twa men taakin wi hïm — ït wus Moses an Elijah, 31fu o haivenlie splendour, an the' taakit aboot tha wye he wud dee ïn Jerusalem. 32But Petèr an tha ithers wi hïm haed drapt aff tae sleep, an whan the' wakt up the' saa hïs glorie an tha twa men stannin wi hïm. 33An as tha twa men wus leain Jesus, Petèr sayed,

“Dominie, A'm richt gled we wur here tae see thïs, let's big thrie sheltèrs, yin for you, yin for Moses an yin for Elijah.”

But he wus jist rannèrin. 34Whan Petèr wus taakin, a clood cum doon an the' wur loast ïn ït. An the' wur hairt scarred whan that happent. 35An a voice cum oot o tha clood, sayin,

“Thïs ïs ma Sinn, tha Yin A hae chose. Lïsten tae hïm!”

36Whan tha voice haed stapt taakin, the' lukt an thair wus nae yin thair but Jesus. An at tha time, the' dïdnae breathe a wurd o whut the' haed saen tae onie yin.

Tha wee lad bothert wi a wickit spïrit

37Nixt day, whan the' haed cum doon aff tha hïll, a hale crood o fowk cum tae meet hïm, 38an thïs man caad oot frae tha crood,

“Maistèr, A beg ye, plaise tak a luk at ma sinn! He's tha ainlie chile A hae. 39An a wickit spïrit ïs aye takkin houl o hïm, sae he lets oot a guldèr, an he taks a fit an stairts foamin at tha mooth, an onlie eftèr he's bin hurt bad daes ït lea hïm. 40A brocht hïm tae yer follaers tae halp hïm, but the' cudnae dae ït.”

41An Jesus sayed,

“Ye'r a faithless an haird-hairtit lot! Hoo lang wull A be wi ye afore yis believe? Hoo lang dae A hae tae pit up wi ye? Brïng yer sinn here tae me!”

42Jist as tha wee lad wus cumin, he faad doon tae tha grun fïttin, an Jesus gien tha wickit spïrit a richt barjin, an healt tha wee lad an gien hïm bak tae hïs faither. 43The' wur aa pure dumfoonèrt at tha pooer o God.

But whiles the' aa wunnèrt at tha thïngs Jesus dïd, he sayed tae hïs follaers,

44“Wull yis tak heed tae whut A'm sayin, an let ït sink ïn: tha Sinn o Man maun be hannit ower tae thaim that ir ïll notioned tae hïm.”

45But the' dïdnae unnèrstan whut he wus sayin an cudnae fethom ït oot; yit the' wur feart tae ax hïm whut he meent.

Wha wull be tha maist thocht o?

46Then the' begun queeryin amang thairsels wha wud be tha maist thocht o amang thaim. 47An Jesus, knowin whut wus gan on, tuk a wean an set hïm doon aside hïm. 48An he sayed tae thaim,

“Whaiver maks thïs chile walcum ïn ma name, walcums me, an oniebodie that walcums me, walcums hïm that sent me. Tha yin regairdit o nae accoont amang ye, that's tha yin that'll hae tha maist honour.”

49Jhone sayed tae hïm,

“Dominie, we saa a bodie castin oot demons ïn your name an we forbïd hïm, for he wusnae yin o us.”

50But Jesus sayed,

“Dae nae sitch thïng, for oniebodie that's nae workin agin iz ïs workin wi iz.”

Samaritans agin Jesus

51An as tha time wus cumin roon for Jesus tae lea tha irth, he set hïssel tae gang up tae Jerusalem. 52An he sent sum messengers on up aheid o hïm, an the' went aff tae a Samaritan vïllage for tae mak readie for hïs cumin.

53But tha fowk thonner wudnae mak hïm walcum, acause the' cud see he wus bent on gan tae Jerusalem.

54Whan James an Jhone heerd thïs, the' sayed,

“Maistèr, let iz caa doon fire frae haiven an burn thaim aa up, [jist as Elijah dïd.]”

55But Jesus toul thaim aff, [an sayed,

“Ye hae nae unnèrstannin ava, 56For tha Sinn o Man haesnae cum tae desthroy men's lives, but tae save thaim.”]

Sae the' went on tae anither vïllage.

Coontin tha coast

57An sae ït wus, as the' wur on thair wye, thïs bodie sayed tae Jesus,

“Loard, A wull follae ye, nae mettèr whar ye'r for!”

58Sayed Jesus tae hïm,

“Foxes hae holes an burds hae nests, but tha Sinn o Man haesnae oniewhar he can caa hame.”

59An he sayed tae anither yin,

“Follae me”.

But he sayed,

“Loard, let me gang an burie ma faither furst.”

60But Jesus sayed bak tae hïm,

“Let tha deid burie thair ain deid, but awa you gang an praich tha Kïngdom o God.”

61An yit anither yin sayed,

“Loard, A'll follae ye, but let me gang an say aa ma guidbyes tae ma fowk bak hame.”

62But Jesus toul hïm,

“Naebodie that stairts tae ploo, an keeps lukin behin hïm, ïs onie guid tae tha Kïngdom o God.”


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