Luik 12 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


Gaird agin hypocrisie

1Meanwhile thoosans o fowk gethert up sae thrang that the' wur thrampin yin anither. Jesus spauk furst o aa tae hïs follaers an toul thaim,

“Luk oot for tha yeast o tha Pharisees, for the' let on tae be guid an the'r far frae ït! 2Thair's naethin covert ower that'll no cum tae licht, or hïd that'll no be knowed. 3Sae, whutiver's taakit aboot ïn tha dairk wull be heerd ïn braid daylicht, an whut ye hae whuspert aboot behin shut dures wull be blared oot frae tha ruiftaps.

Tha value God pits on ye

4Lïsten, freens, dïnnae be feart o thaim that kïll tha bodie, for eftèr that thair's naethin mair the' can dae.

5But A'll warn ye noo wha ye shud fear. Fear hïm that haes tha pooer tae kïll, an then tae throw ïntae hell. Ay, A tell ye, fear hïm! 6Shair five wee sparras ir soul for a wheen o happence, ir the' no? An God disnae forget onie o thaim. 7Even tha verie hairs o yer heid ir aa coontit, sae dïnnae be feart, yis ir warth mair than a hale lock o sparras.

8An A say, whaiver's no scarred tae tell fowk that the' belang tae me, tha Sinn o Man wull gie hïm tha honour afore tha angels o God.

9But oniebodie that disnae admït tae bein a follaer o mine, wull be denied bi me afore tha angels o God. 10An whaiver spakes a wurd agin tha Sinn o Man wull be forgien, but whaiver spakes ïll agin tha Halie Spïrit wull no be forgien. 11Whan yis ir brocht afore tha Meetin Hoose offeeshals an heidyins, dïnnae be ower enxious aboot yer answer or whut tae say, 12for tha Halie Spïrit wull pit tha wurds ïn yer mooth whan tha time cums.”

Tha fairmer wi mair siller nor sense

13An yin o tha crood sayed tae hïm,

“Maistèr, wud ye hae a wurd wi ma brither, an ax hïm tae share wi me whut wus left tae iz?”

14An he sayed tae hïm,

“Freen, wha gien me tha richt tae settle a dïffrence atween you an yer brither?”

15An Jesus sayed tae thaim,

“Tak heed that yis ir no aye wantin thïngs that ither fowk hae, for a man's life ïs no jist a mettèr o whut he gethers aboot hïm.”

16An he toul thaim thïs parable,

“Yin time, a weel tae dae fairmer haed a guid hairvest. 17An he swuthered aboot whut he wus gan tae dae, for he haed nae ruim tae store ït aa.

18Sae he sayed tae hïssel, ‘A ken whut A'll dae, A'll tummle ma barns an big yins that'll houl aa ma grain an guids. 19An A'll say tae masel, “A hae plentie left bye me tae dae me for monie a yeir, sae A'll jist eat, drink an hae a guid time tae masel.”’

20But God sayed, ‘Ye ir a fool, for ye'll be caad awa thïs verie nicht, an wha'll get aa tha stuff ye hae left behin?’

21In tha same wye tha man's a fool that gethers up stuff for hïssel, an haesnae stored up tha richt soart o treysure wi God.”

Dïnnae be ower enxious aboot whut's afore ye

22An Jesus turnt tae hïs follaers an sayed,

“A'm tellin ye, yis ir tae tak nae thocht for yer life or yer bodie, whut tae eat or whut tae pit on. 23Thair's mair tae life nor mait an claes. 24Luk at tha craws, the' nether sow nor reap an hae nae barns tae store oniethin ïn, yit the' get eneuch tae dae thaim, for God feeds thaim. Ir ye no warth mair tae hïm than a wheen o burds?

25Ye cannae add an oor tae yer life bi worryin aboot ït, 26sae, ïf ye cannae dae a wee thïng like that, why worrie yersel aboot oniethin else? 27Noo, tak tha lïlies, ye see hoo the' growe; the' dïnnae wark an the' dïnnae spïn, yit Solomon, for aa hïs fancie claes, cudnae match thaim for beautie. 28An ïf God pits claes on tha gress that's here theday an awa themorra, dae youse dooters no unnèrstan that He'll luk eftèr youse anaa?

29Dïnnae worrie aboot mait or drink. Dïnnae bother yer heids aboot ït. 30Yer Faither abain kens whut ye hae need o, an ït's tha yins that dïnnae know God that rin eftèr sitch thïngs. 31But youse ir tae luk tae tha thïngs o tha Kïngdom, an tha ither thïngs wull tak care o thairsels.

32Dïnnae be scarred, wee flock, for yer faither wants tae gie ye tha Kïngdom. 33Sell aff whut ye hae an gie tha siller tae tha puir, an thïs wull coont as treysure stored up ïn strang safe moneybaags ïn Haiven, whar ït'll nether be stole nor et wi moths. 34For whut thïngs ye thïnk tha maist o, wull aye be ïn yer thochts an hairt.

Be readie for tha Loard cumin bak

35-36Be aa dresst up an readie wi tha hoose lït up; ect like men waitin on thair maistèr tae cum bak frae tha waddin, sae that whan he knocks yis can apen tha dure tae hïm richt awa. 37Whan tha maistèr cums, blissit ir tha yins he fins watchin an waitin. A tell yis thïs, he'll get hïssel readie, sït thaim doon, an he hïssel wull sarve thaim, an lea tha mait oot afore thaim. 38Tha maistèr wull mebbe cum bak ïn tha wee smaa oors, or at tha scraich o day, but ïf he fins thaim readie an waitin whaniver he cums, the' wull be blisst aa richt! 39Ye can be shair o thïs: ïf ye haed a hoose, an ye knowed tha day an oor a thief wus cumin, ye'd be lukin oot for hïm, wud ye no? 40Sae aye be readie, for ye dïnnae ken tha oor whan tha Sinn o Man wull cum.”

41Then Petèr sayed,

“Loard, dïd ye mean these thïngs for iveriebodie, or jist for us?”

42An tha Loard sayed,

“A'm taakin tae onie guid, wise sarvint, whase maistèr ïs able tae lea hïm ïn chairge o tha hoose an tae gie iveriebodie a fair share o mait. 43Whan hïs maistèr cums bak, blissit ïs tha sarvint he fins daein thïs. 44A'll tell ye thïs, he'll mak hïm ruler ower aa he haes.

45-6But ïf tha sarvint says tae hïssel, ‘Tha maistèr's no cum hame yit’, an he eats an gets drunk an bates up aa tha ither sarvints — weel noo, tha maistèr wull cum bak on a day an oor whan he's no readie for hïm, an whan he fins thon sarvint no warthie o hïs trust, tha maistèr wull dae awa wi hïm. He wull trait hïm like an unbeliever. 47An that sarvint that knowed richtlie whut tae dae, an dïdnae dae whut he wus toul bi tha maistèr an mak readie, he'll get yin guid whalin. 48But tha yin that dïd wrang whaniver he dïdnae unnèrstan whut he shud a daen, he'll get aff aisie, tha mair he disnae desarve ït. God wull ax a lock frae thaim that's bin gien a lock. Tha mair the' hae bin gien tae luk eftèr, tha mair the' wull hae tae answer for.

Fowk wull be divïd ower Jesus

49A'm cum tae kïnnle a fire on irth, an A wush ït wus aareadie lït! 50A hae a tarrible baptisin aheid o me, an awfu testin tae ït's aa ower. 51Dae ye thïnk A cum tae brïng peace on irth? Deed na, ït's deveesion A brïng. 52Frae noo a hoose wi five fowk wull be divïd, wi thrie agin twa an twa agin thrie. 53Tha faither wull be divïd agin tha sinn, an tha sinn agin tha faither; tha mither agin tha dochtèr an tha dochtèr agin tha mither; tha mither-in-laa agin tha dochtèr-in-laa; an tha dochtèr-in-laa agin tha mither-in-laa.”

Unnèrstannin tha times

54An Jesus sayed tae tha crood o fowk,

“Whaniver ye see cloods cumin ïn frae tha wast, ye ken we'r for haein rain, an, richt eneuch, doon ït cums! 55An whan tha wun blaas frae tha sooth, ye ken we'r ïn for a scorcher, an sae ït ïs. 56Youse hippycrits, yis can read tha sky aa richt, but yis cannae see tha signs aa roon aboot ye, o whut's tae cum.

57Why dae yis no see for yersels whut's richt? 58If oniebodie pits tha blame on ye an taks ye tae coort, ye shud dae yer best tae settle tha mettèr oot o coort. If ye dïnnae, then ye'll be up afore tha judge an he'll turn ye ower tae tha offysher, an ye'll en up ïn jail. 59For ïf that's tha wye ït ens up, ye'll no git oot o thair tae yer last pennie's pyed.”


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