Luik 4 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


Jesus ïs tempit bi tha Deil

1An Jesus, bein fu o tha Halie Spïrit, cum bak frae tha Joardan, an wus taen bi tha Spïrit ontae tha muirs. 2For fowertie days he wus tempit bi tha Deil, an ïn aa thaim days he dïdnae eat ocht ava. An at tha en o tha time, he wus gye hung'rie. 3An tha Deil sayed tae hïm:

“If ye ir tha Sinn o God, tell that stane thair tae turn ïntae breid.”

4An Jesus spauk bak tae hïm an sayed,

“It ïs writ doon, that man cannae leeve bi breid alane, [but bi iverie wurd o God].”

5Then tha Deil tuk hïm up heich, an let hïm see aa tha kïngdoms o tha warl ïn a weethin o time. 6Tha Deil sayed tae hïm:

“Aa tha pooer o these kïngdoms A wull gie ye, an tha glorie that gangs wi thaim, for ït's mine tae gie tae whaiver A lake. 7Gin ye wull jist boo doon tae me, ït wull aa be yer ain.”

8Jesus sayed til hïm:

“Awa or that, Satan! For tha Guid Buik says ye ir tae wurship tha Loard yer God, an tae sarve hïm alane.”

9An tha Deil brocht hïm tae Jerusalem, an tuk hïm up tae tha verie tap o tha Hoose o God, an sayed tae hïm:

“If ye ir tha Sinn o God, throw yersel doon frae here! 10For tha Buik says: ‘He wull tell hïs angels tae luk eftèr ye an keep an ee on ye. 11In thair hans the' wull houl ye up, less ye dunt yer fit agin a stane.’ ”

12An Jesus sayed bak tae hïm:

“It's ïn tha Buik forbye: ‘Yer no tae temp tha Loard yer God!’ ”

13An whan tha Deil haed stapt aa tha tempin, he tuk aff an left hïm alane for a while.

Jesus maks a stairt tae hïs mïnistrie

14An Jesus cum bak ïn tha pooer o tha Spïrit ïntae Galilee; an he wus tha taak o tha hale kintrie roon aboot. 15An he taicht ïn thair Meetin Hooses, an he haed a great name amang thaim aa.

Jesus pit oot o hïs hame toon

16An he cum tae Nazareth, whar he haed bin raired; an as he aye daen, he went ïntae tha Meetin Hoose on tha Sabbath day, an stud up for tae read. 17The' gien hïm tha screed o tha proafit Isaiah, an whan he haed apent tha buik, he fun tha place whar ït wus writ doon: 18

“Tha Spïrit o tha Loard ïs cum ower me, for he haes anointit me tae tell oot tha Guid News tae tha puir; he haes sent me for [tae heal tha hairtbrauk], tae lowse thaim that's bun, tae gie sicht tae tha blin, for tae set free thaim that's trod doon, 19an for tae praich tha yeir o tha Loard's grace.”

20Whan Jesus haed rowlt up tha screed, he gien ït bak tae tha man ïn chairge, an he sut doon. An naebodie ïn tha Meetin Hoose cud tak thair een aff hïm. 21An he stairtit aff bi tellin thaim:

“Whut ye hae jist heerd frae tha Guid Buik haes cum aboot theday.”

22An aa spauk weel o hïm, an the' cud harlie tak ïn tha wunsum wurds that cum oot o hïs mooth. The' axt,

“Is thïs no Joseph's sinn?”

23He telt thaim thïs:

“Nae doot Ye wull quote tha oul saw at me: 'Doctèr, heal yersel!' An ye'll say: ‘Whut we heerd ye daen ïn Capernaum, dae ït here ïn yer ain kintrie as weel.’ ”

24An he sayed,

“A warrant ye thïs: nae proafit ïs weel thocht o ïn hïs ain kintrie. 25A'm tellin ye tha truith, ïn tha days o Elijah, tha haivens wus shut up for thrie yeir an sïx month, an thair wus a bïg hung'r ower aa tha lan. An thair wus monie weedas ïn Israel at tha time. 26Elijah wusnae sent til onie o thaim but, onlie tae a weeda wumman ïn Serepta, near tha toon o Sidon. 27Forbye, thair wus monie lepers ïn Israel ïn tha time o Elisha tha proafit, but nane o thaim wus made clain, apairt frae Naaman frae Syria.”

28Whaniver the' heerd these thïngs, aa tha fowk ïn tha Meetin Hoose wus wile ang'rie. 29An the' ris up, an the' driv hïm oot o tha toon, an the' tuk hïm up tae tha broo o tha hïll whar tha toon wus bigged, for tae throw hïm doon heid furst. 30But he passt richt throu tha mïddle o thaim, an gaed on hïs wye.

An ill spïrit ordèrt oot

31Then Jesus went on doon tae Capernaum, a toon o Galilee. An he wus taichin tha fowk thair on tha Sabbath day. 32An he dumfoonèrt thaim aa wi hïs taichin, for tha wurds he spauk wus pooerfu. 33An ïn tha Meetin Hoose, thair wus a man that haed a demon, an ïll spïrit, ïn hïm. An he scraicht oot lood:

34“Hey! [Lea iz alane], Jesus o Nazareth! Whut dae ye want wi iz? Hae ye cum here tae dae awa wi iz? A ken richt weel wha ye ir. Ye ir tha Halie Yin o God!”

35But Jesus chackt hïm, sayin:

“Houl yer wheesht, an cum oot o hïm!”

An whan tha demon haed throwed hïm tae tha grun forenent thaim aa, ït cum oot o hïm, an ït dïdnae hurt hïm ava. 36An the' wur aa dumfoonèrt, an taakt amang thairsels, an sayed,

“Dïd ye iver hear tha lake o ït? For wi thortie an pooer he ordèrs tha ïll spïrits, an at hïs biddin the' cum oot!”

37Sae Jesus wus tha taak o tha hale kintrieside roon aboot.

Tha mither o Petèr's wife an ither fowk cured

38An he gaed oot o tha Meetin Hoose an on tae Simon's hame.

Noo Simon's guidwife's mither wus wile bad wi a faevir, an the' axt Jesus for tae mak hir bettèr. 39He stud ower hir, an chackt tha faevir, an ït left hir. She got up at yinst an lukt eftèr thaim.

40Noo whan tha sin wus gan doon, aa tha yins that haed seek fowk wi aa kines o disaises brocht thaim tae Jesus; an he püt hïs hans on iverie yin o thaim, an healt thaim. 41Forbye, demons cum oot o monie o thaim, cryin oot:

“Ye ir [Christ,] tha Sinn o God!”

An he wud chack thaim, ordèrin thaim no tae spake, for the' kent that he wus tha Christ.

Jesus praiches ïn aa tha Meetin Hooses

42Whan ït wus daylicht, he depairtit an went tae a desert place. An tha fowk lukt for hïm, an cum tae hïm, an axt hïm for tae stye, for the' dïdnae want hïm tae lea thaim. 43But he sayed tae thaim:

“A maun praich tha Guid News o tha Kïngdom o God tae tha ither toons as weel: for that's why A wus sent.”

44Sae he kep on praichin ïn tha Meetin Hooses o Galileea.


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