Luik 8 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


1Eftèr thïs, Jesus trevelt aroon aa tha toons an vïllages, praichin an tellin o tha Guid News o tha Kïngdom o God, an tha twal wus wi hïm. 2Forbye, thair wur sartin weemen that haed bin cured o wickit spïrits an ailments. Thair wus Mary, caad Magdalene; seiven ïll spïrits cum oot o hir, 3an Johanna, tha guidwife o Chuza that run Herod's hoose, an Susanna, an monie mair that wur aye giein whut the' haed tae luk eftèr Jesus.

Tha fairmer that saad tha seed

4Noo a wile thrang o fowk haed cum frae toon eftèr toon, an he toul thaim thïs parable:

5“A fairmer went oot tae saa seed, an as he wus skailin ït, sum drapt alang tha pad, an ït got waakit iver, an tha wile burds et ït. 6Sum faad on roakie grun, an ït wus nae shuiner brairdit, tae ït wuthert awa for want o wattèr. 7An sum faad amang breers an thristles, an tha thoarns tuk ower, an tha seeds deed. 8An ither seed faad on guid grun, an ït growed weel, an tha hairvest wus guid, aboot a hunnèr times mair than wus saad.”

Whan he haed toul thaim aa thïs, he caad oot,

“Let hïm that haes ears ïn hïs heid tak tent!”

Tha meanin o tha parable

9An hïs follaers axt,

“Whut's thïs parable aboot?”

10An he saed tae thaim,

“Tae youse God haes gien an unnèrstannin o tha secrets o hïs Kïngdom, for A spauk tae ye aboot thaim. Tae ithers A taak ïn parables: these yins luk, but the' dïnnae see; the' lïsten, but the' dïnnae unnèrstan. 11Noo here's tha meanin o tha parable: Tha seed ïs tha Wurd o God. 12Tha seed alang tha pad ïs tha fowk that hears tha Wurd. An alang cums tha Deil, an taks ït oot o thair hairts, sae that the' ir stapt frae believin an cannae be saved. 13Tha seed on tha roak ïs tha yins that gledlie gie ear til God's Wurd an tak ït ïn, but ït disnae houl wi thaim. For whan haird times cum alang, the' gie up an the' hae nae mair mine o ït. 14An tha seed amang tha thoarns ïs like fowk that hears tha Wurd o God, an cairries on for a weethin, tae aa tha warl's bothers, catter an guid times get ïn tha wye o growin up strecht an sonsie. 15But tha seed that faad on tha guid grun, that's tha fowk wi warthie an guid hairts, that gie ear til tha Wurd o God, an tak ït ïn til thair hairts, an follae on tae the' reap a rich hairvest.

Naethin wull be hïd

16Naebodie lichts a lamp an pits a jar ower ït, or pits ït unnèr a bed.

Ye set ït oot whar fowk can see ït whan the' cum ïn. 17For thair's naethin hïd, that wull no be toul; an thair's naethin püt awa, that wull no be brocht oot ïntae tha apen. 18Mine hoo ye lïsten. Tha yins that haes wull be gien mair, an tha yins that disnae hae, een whut the' thïnk the' hae, ït wull be tuk awa frae thaim.”

Tha true femlie o Jesus

19Noo Jesus' mither an hïs brithers cum tae see hïm, but the' cudnae get near tae hïm for aa tha crood o fowk. 20Jesus wus toul,

“Yer mither an brithers ir waitin oot thair, lukin tae see ye.”

21But he cum bak wi,

“Ma mither an ma brithers ir tha yins that lïsten tae tha Wurd o God, an follae ït!”

Tha stoarm on tha lough

22Yin day, Jesus got ïntae a bóat wi hïs follaers, an he sayed tae thaim:

“Let's gang ower tae tha ither side o tha lough.”

Sae the' püt oot. 23Noo while the' wur oot on tha wattèr, Jesus lay doon for a sleep. An ït begun tae get wile stoarmie, an tha boat begun tae tak on wattèr. An ït wus tarrible dangeris. 24Hïs follaers went up tae hïm an wakent hïm.

“Dominie, dominie!”

the' caad oot,

“we'll be droont!”

An Jesus ris, an he scoult tha blowstèrin wun an waves. Aa at yinst tha wun drapt, an tha stoarm wus ower.

25“Whar ïs yer faith?”

he axt thaim. An the' wur feart, an wunnèrt, an sayed tae yin anither:

“Whut kine o man ïs thïs, that can mak een tha wun an tha waves dae as he bïds thaim!”

Tha man caad Legion

26Jesus an hïs follaers cum tae tha lan o tha Gadarenes, strecht ower tha lough frae Galilee. 27Whan he wus gettin oot o tha bóat, thair wus thïs man cum up tae hïm frae tha toon. He wus fu o demons, an haed bin rinnin roon for a lang time wi naethin on hïm, an leevin ïn tha graveyaird rether than a hoose.

28Whan he saen Jesus, he faad at hïs feet an guldèrt,

“Whut ir ye eftèr wi me, Jesus, sinn o tha maist heich God? A'm beggin ye, dïnnae torment me!”

29For ye see, Jesus haed bid tha ïll spïrit tae lea hïm alane. Betimes ït haed made hïm brek awa frae hïs girds an tha chains the' haed bun hïm up wi, an ït haed driv hïm oot on tae tha muirs. 30An Jesus axt hïm,

“Wha dae the' caa ye?”

“A'm caad Legion,”

sayed he; for monie demons haed tuk houl o hïm.

31An tha demons kep on beggin Jesus no tae be püt ïntae tha Blak Pït. 32Noo a bïg herd o pïgs wus oot hokin on tha hïll, an tha demons begged tae be sent ïntae tha pïgs. An Jesus allood ït. 33Sae tha demons cum oot o Legion, an the' went ïntae tha pïgs. Tha herd tuk aff doon tha hïll, heid furst ïntae tha lough, an tha hale lock wus droont.

34An whan tha yins that wur lukin eftèr tha pïgs saen whut haed happent, the' run awa an toul iveriebodie ïn tha toon an kintrie roon aboot. 35An tha fowk that heerd cum oot tae see for thairsels. An whan the' cum tae Jesus, the' fun tha man tha demons haed cum oot o. Legion wus sïttin quait at tha feet o Jesus. He haed hïs claes on, an wus ïn hïs richt mine. An the' wur wile scarred. 36An thaim that haed saen tha healin o tha man wi tha demons, toul tha ithers aa aboot ït.

37An aa tha fowk frae tha lan o tha Gadarenesc axt Jesus tae gang awa, for the' wur wile feart. Sae he went awa bak ïn tha bóat. 38Tha man tha demons went oot o besocht Jesus that he cud gae alang wi hïm, but Jesus toul hïm tae lea, an sayed,

39“Gang awa hame, an tell tha fowk aboot tha great thïngs God haes daen for ye.”

Sae tha man went hame, an he toul tha hale toon whut Jesus haed daen for hïm.

Jairus's dochtèr

40Noo whan Jesus cum bak, a crood o fowk bïd hïm walcum, for the' wur aa waitin on hïm. 41Then a man caad Jairus, a heidyin o tha Meetin Hoose, cum an faad doon at Jesus' feet, beggin wi hïm tae cum tae hïs hoose, 42for hïs ainlie dochtèr, a wee lass o twal yeir oul, wus deein.

But as Jesus wus gan thair, tha thrang wus croodin roon hïm.

Tha wumman seek for twal yeir

43An thair wus thïs wumman amang thaim that haed bin bad wi bleedin for twal yeir, but naebodie cud dae oniethin for hir. 44She cum ahint Jesus, an püt hir han on tha en o hïs cloke, an strecht awa tha bleedin stapt.

45“Wha toucht me?”

axt Jesus.

Whan naebodie owned up tae ït, Petèr sayed,

“Dominie, fowk ir püshin an a shuvin aa roon ye [an ye ir wunnèrin wha toucht ye?!].”

46Sayed Jesus:

“Summodie haes toucht me! For A felt tha pooer gang oot o me!”

47Tha wumman, seein that she cudnae hide, cum an faad doon afeart an trèmmlin at hïs feet. An afore tha hale fowk, she toul whut for she haed toucht hïm, an hoo she haed bin made weel at yinst.

48Then Jesus sayed,

“Dochtèr, yer faith haes saved ye. Fare ye weel!”

Jairus's dochtèr ris frae tha deid

49Tha wurds wusnae richt aff Jesus' tung, whan a man cum frae tha hame o tha heidyin o tha Meetin Hoose, an sayed tae hïm:

“Jairus, yer dochtèr ïs deid; dïnnae bother tha Maistèr onie mair.”

50Whan Jesus heerd thïs, he toul hïm:

“Dïnnae be feart! Jist believe, an she wull be made weel!”

51An whan Jesus cum tae tha hoose, tha yins he allood tae cum ïn wi hïm wur Petèr, Jhone an James, alang wi tha faither an mither o tha wee lass. 52Noo the' wur aa greetin an wailin for hir, but Jesus sayed,

“Be quait! She's no deid, she's jist sleepin.”

53An the' stairtit tae lach, for the' kent she wus deid. 54Hooaniver, Jesus tuk hir han an caad oot:

“Cum on chile, up ye git!”

55An hir spïrit cum bak, an at yinst she got up. An he toul thaim tae gie hir sumthin tae eat. 56Tha mither an faither cudnae believe thair een. But Jesus toul thaim on nae accoont tae say tae oniebodie whut haed happent.


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