Luik 24 - Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik

Source: Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Publisher: Ullans Press

Date: 2009


Jesus ris frae tha deid

1On tha furst day o tha week, at tha scraich o day, tha weemen cum tae tha tomb, an brocht tha spices the' haed made readie. [An thair wus ither yins alang wi thaim.] 2An the' fun tha stane rowlt awa frae tha tomb. 3The' went ïn, but tha bodie o tha Loard Jesus wus naewhar tae be saen. 4An the' wur dumfoonèrt. Aa o a suddent, thair wur twa men stannin bye ïn bricht claes. 5Tha weemen wus hairt feart, an bood doon wi thair faces tae tha grun. An tha men sayed,

“Whut for ir yis seekin tha leevin amang tha deid? 6[He's no here, he's ris!] Dae yis no mine hoo he taakt tae yis bak ïn Galilee, 7sayin, ‘Tha Sinn o Man maun be gien ïntae tha hans o sïnfu men tae be crucyfied, an tha thurd day rise agane’?”

8“Ay, richt eneuch,”

the' sayed,

“that's jist whut Jesus toul iz wud happen.”

9Sae the' cum awa frae tha tomb, an toul tha leven possels aa that haed cum aboot, an the' toul aa tha rest o thaim as weel. 10It wus Mary Magdalene, an Johanna, an Mary tha mither o James, an ither weemen that wur wi thaim that toul these thïngs tae tha possels. 11An the' dïdnae believe thaim, an thocht the' wur taakin blethers. 12Then Petèr got up an run tae tha tomb an stoopit doon an lukt ïn. He saa tha linen claes lyin bye on thair lane, an he went awa wunnèrin tae hïssel whut haed cum aboot.

On tha wye tae Emmaus

13That same day, twa o Jesus' follaers set oot for tha vïllage o Emmaus, sïx or seiven mile frae Jerusalem. 14An the' wur taakin tae yin anither aboot aa tha goins-on. 15An whan the' wur taakin aboot ït an tryin tae unnèrstan ït, Jesus hïssel cum up alangside o thaim an waakit wi thaim. 16The' saa hïm aa richt, but the' dïdnae ken wha he wus. 17An he sayed tae thaim,

“Whut wur ye taakin aboot thair, alang tha róad?”

The' cum tae a stap, lukin doon ïn tha mooth. 18An yin o thaim, caad Cleopas, sayed tae hïm,

“Ye maun be a stranger ïn Jerusalem ïf ye hinnae heerd ocht o whut's been happenin thair ïn tha last wheen o days!”

19Sayed he tae thaim,

“Whut thïngs?”

An the' sayed,

“Dïd ye no hear aboot Jesus o Nazareth, a proafit, michtie ïn hïs wurds an daeins afore God an aa tha fowk? 20An aboot hoo oor heid preeshts an heidyins hannit hïm ower? The' passt a sentence o deith on hïm, an nailt hïm tae a cross, sae the' dïd. 21We haed thocht he wus tha yin that wud redeem Israel. Oniehoo, ït's thrie days since thïs happent. 22-23Ay, an parteeklar weemen frae amang iz, that wur up earlie at hïs tomb, tuk iz bak whan the' sayed the' cudnae fin hïs bodie, an the' cum bak an toul iz the'd saen a vïsion o angels sayin Jesus wus leevin! 24An sartin o thaim that wus amang iz went tae tha tomb an richt eneuch, the' fun ït jist as tha weemen haed sayed: Jesus wusnae thair.”

25Then Jesus sayed tae tha twa o thaim,

“Ye coafs, yis ir slow tae tak ïn aa that tha proafits spauk aboot! 26The' sayed that Christ wud hae tae dree aa these thïngs afore he gaed ïntae hïs glorie, dïd the' no?”

27An stairtin wi Moses an aa tha proafits, he made plain tae thaim whut aa tha Scriptures sayed aboot hïssel.

28An whan the' cum nearhan tha vïllage whar the' wur gan, he lukt as ïf he wus gan on furdèr. 29But the' coaxt hïm, sayin:

“Wud ye no stap wi iz, for ït's dailygan, an ït'll be dairk shane?”

Sae he went ïn wi thaim. 30An ït cum aboot, as he sut doon tae eat wi thaim, that he tuk breid, blisst ït an brauk ït, an gien ït tae thaim. 31An aa o a suddent thair een wus apent, an the' kent wha he wus, an wi that Jesus wus nae mair tae bi saen! 32The' sayed tae yin anither:

“Dïd ït no set oor hairts a-low, whan he taakit tae iz on tha róad, an apent up tha Scriptures tae iz?”

33Sae the' ris up tha same oor, an the' went bak tae Jerusalem, an fun tha leven gethert thegither, an thaim that wur wi thaim.

34“Tha Loard ïs ris, richt eneuch !”

the' wur toul.

“An Simon haes saen hïm!”

35An tha twa frae Emmaus toul aa that haed happent on tha róad, an hoo the' knowed ït wus Jesus tha mïnit he brauk tha breid.

Jesus appears agane

36An jist as the' wur taakin, thair stud Jesus ïn tha mïddle o thaim aa, [an he sayed tae thaim:

“Peace be wi yis!”]

37But the' wur aa hairt scarred an afeart, an thocht the' haed saen a wraith. 38An he sayed tae thaim,

“For why ir yis püt aboot? An why aa tha doots wi'ïn yersels? 39Tak a luk at ma hans an ma feet.

It's masel! Hannle me an see! For a wraith haesnae flesh an banes as yis see A hae.”

40[An eftèr sayin thïs, Jesus showed thaim hïs hans an hïs feet.] 41An the' wur that blythesum an dumfoonèrt, the' cud harlie tak ït ïn. An he axt thaim,

“Hae yis ocht tae eat ïn tha hoose?”

42The' gien hïm a bït o brannèrt fïsh, [an a wee bït o honeycomb], 43an he tuk ït an et ït afore thaim.

Jesus airts hïs follaers

44Then he sayed tae thaim:

“Thïs ïs whut A toul ye whaniver A wus stïll amang yis, that aa tha thïngs that wur writ doon consarnin me ïn tha Laa o Moses, tha Proafits an tha Psalms maun cum aboot.”

45Then he apent thair mines tae unnèrstan tha Scriptures, 46sayin tae thaim:

“It's writ doon that tha Christ maun suffer, he maun dee an rise frae tha deid tha thurd day; 47an that wi ma thortie yis ir tae praich thïs message tae aa nations: ‘Repent o yer sïns, an God wull forgie yis.’ Yis ir tae stairt frae Jerusalem. 48Youse hae saen these thïngs, sae yis ir wutnesses o thaim aa. 49Noo, lïsten tae me, A wull sen upon yis tha gïft ma Faither promist. But youse ir tae stap here, ïn Jerusalem, tae yis ir claithed wi pooer frae abain.”

Jesus taen up tae haiven

50An Jesus led thaim oot tha lenth o Bethanie, an thair he lïftit up hïs hans an blisst thaim. 51An ït cum aboot, that while he wus blissin thaim, he pairtit frae thaim, an wus taen up ïntae Haiven. 52[An the' wurshippt hïm] an the' went bak tae Jerusalem wi blythesum hairts. 53An the' spent aa thair time laudin an blissin ïn tha Hoose o God. [Amen]


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